Library vision:

Enrich the minds and lives of children through the joy of reading


1. Provide a variety of quality fiction and non-fiction books for children ages 0-7 years

2. Carry popular titles and authors 

3. Provide a reading space that is comfortable, clean, and enjoyable to children

4. Children learn library etiquette and correct handling of books

5. Regular activities to encourage the love of reading in our children

6. For children to love to read and listen to stories

7. For children to develop a strong literacy foundation

Bright Minds

children's library


Imagine a place where you can find books for your child to read which features famous authors and titles. We offer over 30 categories from Farm Animals to Baby Board books... and much more! We also offer a variety of parenting books for adults as well!

We welcome book donations of gently used children's books. 


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Kids who read...Succeed!