Playcare is a two hour class that runs daily from 10am to 12pm. You can choose how many times in the week you come and then you pay per 4 weeks. 
This class aims to prepare children for nursery/preschool. The program is designed to foster independence, spark curiosity, encourage cooperation, and inspire a love for learning. Parents/nannies attend with children but can choose to utilise our gentle approach toward gradually leaving the children in our care, by waiting outside the classroom, or (once children are comfortable) leaving the building. The class is organised in a manner similar to preschool, with a regular daily routine filled with a variety of activities related to weekly letter and number and monthly themes. Other activities include circle time, story time, crafts, sensory play, fine motor skills tools, singing/music, movement games, and free play. This is a great class for building children's confidence, where they will play, learn and grow in preparation for preschool and beyond. For ages: 18months to 3.5 years.

play care



Please see below for all the classes we offer at Bright Minds. Parents must attend classes with children ages 3 and under. Enjoy some quality time learning and growing together. For our full schedule please see the Schedule section. 

Merry Music


motor skills





This class will cover fine and gross motor skills for your child's development. Fine motor activities in this class will provide an opportunity to grow your childs ability to use the small muscles of their hands in a coordinated way. Examples of activities for fine motor skills include threading, weaving, construction, building 3D models, cutting and drawing. Gross motor activities in this class will promote learning about how their bodies move in space. Examples of gross motor skills include many different types of movement such as jumping, hopping, rolling, crawling plus activities such as obstacle courses and balance coordination. The class will include all of these mentioned above plus songs and games over the one hour duration.  

Ages: walking to 2 years. 




​Beginners Ballet is taught by Ms Liz who studied Ballet in the New Zealand. Students will learn the fundamental characteristics of ballet through movement, games and dance technique. Our ballet classes are designed to develop gross motor skills, enhance creativity and boost confidence all while learning through imagery, familiar music , story telling and the use of fun dance props! Don't miss the chance to dance!
Age 3 -6 Years


Join us for a Sensory sessions that let kids do what they do best...make a mess! Lots of fun as we explore a new sensory experience each week! From cold spahgetti to bubbles, or lentils in our sensory bin. Your child will enjoy the calming effects sensory play has to offer while improving focus and concentration. Children learn vocabulary as well as basic math concepts as they measure and pour. They improve hand-eye coordination and learn through experience how different mixtures and forms work and change. Please bring an extra change of clothes just in case!

Ages: 10months - 3 years


Children enjoy learning through music, movement, mimicry, and more! We introduce rhythm concepts, through instrument exploration, at each session along with engaging songs that promote movement. Upbeat songs and rhymes foster bonding with parents in a fun manor. As children learn the songs their vocabulary improves, they will be more confident to express themselves with new found fundamental skills, preparing your little ones future success.
Ages: 1-3 years


Before you can partake in classes at Bright Minds or use our facilities other than for Birthday Parties you must become a member of Bright Minds.

Annual Membership Fee (AMF)/Registration Fee: 35KD per family.
This is a yearly fee that entitles you to be able to take classes at Bright Minds. It includes full access to our library area and creative play area during business hours for the duration of your membership. This fee is not optional and is non refundable.

Class Charges:  We require you to commit to each class you sign up for, for one month ie: 4 weeks, so the monthly cost for one class per week is:
Ballet: 25KD
Sensory, Music and Motor Skills classes are all 25KD each for the month but if you sign up for two or more classes within this group, the additional classes are 20KD each for the month.  

PlayCare: The monthly charges for this are:
One class per week: 40KD
Two classes per week: 70KD
Three classes per week: 95KD

Four classes per week: 120KD

Five classes per week: 150KD

There are no refunds for absence from classes including illness.

Please note we only accept cash. No KNET.